Together for the Amazon, Together for the Future

Card. José Tolentino and Card. Pedro Barreto invite you to be part of PUAM's campaign. Watch the video.

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Education allows us to respond to the challenges that the Amazonian peoples will face, without losing our identity, culture, roots and with a deep knowledge of the rainforest.

Patricia Gualinga
Leader of the Sarayaku people and councilor of PUAM

Together we can build a sustainable future through intercultural education

Your donation will make it possible to finance the design of a pedagogical proposal that listens to and learns from the peoples and communities themselves, and to implement Community Learning Centers in places where we will offer higher technical education programs with a multidisciplinary, intercultural and inculturated approach that responds to the most urgent needs and challenges of the Amazon.

Together for the Amazon, Together for the Future

With this campaign we seek that society in general, academia, the business sector and the Catholic Church, can get involved in the challenge proposed by those who walk and weave life in this beautiful and threatened ecosystem.

Together we can help and contribute to generate the appropriate conditions to ensure a decent and quality education for Amazonian communities, rural or urban, traditional peoples and other excluded groups, so that they find in this proposal the possibility of acquiring tools to strengthen their community processes in search of justice and their good living (buen vivir).

Our work has already started, but we need your help to move forward!


Why donate to PUAM?

The Amazon University Program (PUAM) is an unprecedented response to the limited proposals of adequate and pertinent higher education that responds to the concrete reality of many forgotten territories in the Pan-Amazon region.

We are a program that gives continuity to the experience of decades of mission of the Church in the Amazon accompanying the peoples and communities in the territory, offering an innovative proposal with our commitment to continue weaving possibilities of more life and life in abundance for this territory and for its vital contribution to the whole world.

What will we do with the proceeds?

Your donation will be used to:

  1. Finalize the design and content development of our first academic program, the technical-technological career in Integral Management of the Amazon Territory that gathers the fundamental elements expressed as the most urgent needs for the development and care of the territory after listening for a number of years to the peoples and communities that live there. This will be our pilot program!
  2. To finance the process of identification and development of the Community Learning Centers, and to equip them with what is necessary for our future students to have the technological elements required to complete their higher education cycle in an optimal manner, as well as to ensure the pedagogical support that will be necessary.
  3. Twenty percent (20%) of your donation will be used for operational and administrative expenses of the Program, thus facilitating our sustainability and operation.
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