Let's work together for an Amazon with a future!

Together for the Amazon, Together for the Future is the campaign of the Amazon University Program (PUAM), with which we want to involve you so that together we can ensure that Amazonian peoples have access to decent and quality higher education that respects their culture, territory and knowledge.

Education allows us to respond to the challenges that the Amazonian peoples will face, without losing our identity, culture, roots and with a deep knowledge of the rainforest.

Patricia Gualinga
Indigenous leader of the Sarayaku people and PUAM advisor

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What is the sense of an Amazon University Program?

The director and founder of the Amazon University Program shares with us the history of the creation of PUAM and its proposals to respond to the educational urgencies present in the Amazon region.

Report 2023

We share path and transparency! Check out here the First Management Report of the Amazon University Program and discover our work and our challenges in the Amazon territory.

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